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Ooni Koda Pizza Oven Promises Neopolitan-Style Pizza in 60 Seconds

If you love pizza but don’t like waiting around for it to cook or if you want to be a standout at the next neighborhood outdoor cook-off, Ooni announced its third portable pizza oven, the Ooni Koda. Capable of heating to 932 degrees Fahrenheit — almost double the capability of conventional ovens — the gas-powered Ooni Koda can cook a 12-inch Neopolitan-style pizza in 60 seconds.

Ooni’s first two pizza cookers have chimneys, required when they burn wood. The 24.5-pound Uuni-3 oven cooks up to 13-inch pizzas fueled by wood pellets or gas with an optional adapter. Weighing in at 48.5 pounds, the Ooni Pro multi-fuel model turns out 16-inch pies and cooks with wood or charcoal. You can also use wood pellets or gas with the Ooni Pro with optional adapters for each.

The Ooni Koda hooks up to a standard propane gas connector. There is no open to cook with wood pellets or any other fuel. The Koda weighs a modest 20.4 pounds for greater portability than the other two, especially the almost 50-pound Oooni Pro.

Ooni designed the Korda for fast and simple setup. Open four foldable legs, insert the included stone baking board, connect to a gas tank, fire up the instant gas ignition, and get ready to cook.

According to company literature, with the adjustable gas burner turned up all the way, the Ooni Koda can heat up to 932 degrees, or 500 degrees Celsius, within 15 minutes.

“Ooni Koda will open up making fantastic pizza at home to a whole new range of people,” Ooni CEO Kristian Tapaninaho said, “especially those who are time poor but still want to be able to wow their friends with memorable meals.”

The Ooni Koda is constructed of a commercial grade cold-rolled carbon steel shell with a high-temperature-resistant, powder-coated finish. Inside the carbon steel shell, the Koda has inch-thick mineral fiber insulation for maximum heat retention. Pizza, fish, meat, vegetables, bread, or anything else you cook in the oven rests on a 100mm cordierite stone baking board.

The flame in the Ooni Koda is in the back of the oven. An internal flame keeper directs the flames down onto the food. The oven also has a built-in Flame Safety Device (FSD) that shuts the gas if the flame goes out while the gas is on.

The Ooni Koda is scheduled to begin shipments in late March. The oven costs $299 and is available for pre-order on the Ooni website. Shipping is free.

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