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Two Sony Headphones on Sale Now for Black Friday

Sony is known for creating elegant and understated headphones that pack a punch. In recent years, they’ve been doubling down on delivering high-resolution audio in their speakers. Suffice to say, their high-end headphones sound awesome, with dynamic highs and punchy bass.

Investing in a pair of high-quality headphones is just that — an investment. Oftentimes, a pair of headphones that are comfortable, easy to use, and stylish and still provide incredible sound will cost you upwards of $300. Not so now that Black Friday is upon us. This year, you can buy two of Sony’s most impressive headphones at a most impressive discount. The first, Sony’s WH1000XM2, are the second generation of the company’s signature over-ear headphones and are marked down over 50 percent; the second, Sony’s WI1000X/B, are a slightly more affordable set of wireless behind-neck in-ear headphones and are reduced by more than 30 percent.

When deciding between the two, you’ll want to keep several considerations in mind. Hoping to exercise while using them? The sporty X/B might be the best fit. Do you value longer battery life? Consider the XM2. Both will give you marvelous listening experiences, no matter whether you’re a casual listener or an avid audiophile. Let’s dig in.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM2

If you’re investing in a pair of Sony headphones, you can’t go wrong with the exceptional WH1000XM2. These are the company’s original flagship headphones, but upgraded. In fact, they’ve been compared with Bose when it comes to sound quality and noise cancelation technology — even exceeding the audio giant when it comes to overall performance.

Like other premium headphones on the market, the WH1000XM2 come packed with technology. Designed with digital noise cancellation, the headphones will let you listen in peace on your morning commute, whether you’re on a quiet side street or a busy subway. Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control automatically detects activity in your surroundings, adjusting noise cancelling levels to keep your music or podcasts at a suitable volume. If you do need to adjust anything further, touch sensors on the ear cups let you quickly control volume settings, as well as control your voice assistant.

Seeing as how Sony’s M3 headphones were released earlier this year, we expected to see the M2s on sale soon after. And so it is that they’ve been marked down dramatically this Black Friday, ringing in at $198, more than 50 percent discount from the original price. You can purchase them today throughout the Black Friday weekend at Amazon.

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Sony Premium Noise Cancelling Wireless Behind-Neck in Ear Headphones WI1000X/B

Love the sound quality of the WH1000XM2 but looking for something a little more versatile? You need to look at the WI1000X/B. These are the behind-neck alternative to the M2, offering sound quality you wouldn’t expect from noise cancelling earbuds. This makes them an excellent choice for runners, people who wear glasses, or commuters who like a more discreet set of headphones.

Unlike the Apple AirPods which sit in your ear untethered, the Sony WI1000X/B is designed as a horseshoe that rests on your neck. The neckband is rubberized and padded with leather, making it easy to clean and resistant to muck and sweat.

What sets these headphones apart from similar products is that they include aptX HD. This codec results in increased resolution, which equals greater dynamic range than found in other Bluetooth headphones. Like the WH1000X2, users can adjust the level of noise cancellation in these headphones to allow for more or less ambient noise. Battery life is significantly less than their over-ear counterparts, however; the X/B lasts for approximately 10 hours, while the X2 lasts for up to 30 hours.

You can find the X/B at Amazon now through Cyber Monday for the discounted price of $198, a more than $100 reduction over the usual price.

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