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There’s a New Onewheel on the Block, and it’s a Pint-sized Shredding Machine

Say hello to the Onewheel Pint. Unveiled earlier today at a press conference in New York, it’s the newest addition to Future Motion’s growing fleet of mono-wheeled rideable devices — and just like its predecessors, it’s an absolute riot to ride.

So what makes it different? Here’s a quick rundown:

First of all, you probably can’t tell from the photos, but the Pint is about 15 percent smaller than the Onewheel Plus and Onewheel Plus XR. It’s also lighter.

We’re not sure how much lighter exactly, but what we are sure of is that, unlike the previous versions, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to lift the Pint up and carry it around. It even has a built-in handle in the middle of the frame for extra convenience.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have quite as much torque as the Onewheel Plus XR, and only has a range of about 6 to 8 miles — but what it lacks in brawn, it makes up for in agility.

Drew Prindle/ Digital Trends

Make no mistake: This thing is a certified shredder. Thanks to the fact that it’s lighter and more svelte, the Pint can accelerate just as quickly as its big brothers. It’s also more nimble, and easier to whip around under your feet. Transitioning from an XR to a Pint is a lot like switching from a canoe to a kayak — it just feels more playful and free.

Another big improvement is the dismount system. In the older Onewheels, learning how to dismount properly takes a fair amount of time and practice. It’s usually the only part that people struggle with — but the dismount issue has been mitigated in the Pint. To hop off the new board off, all you have to do is bring the board to a complete stop, then slowly lean back.

The best part, however, is most definitely the price. Whereas earlier Onewheels have typically started at $1,500 to $1,800 at launch, Future Motion is currently selling the Pint for $950. Pre-orders are open right now, and you can choose between three different colors: slate, sand, and a limited-edition sage.

At the end of the day, it’s definitely more evolutionary than revolutionary — but there’s a lot to be excited about here. The Pint is proof that Future Motion isn’t done branching out and pushing the boundaries of personal mobility tech. This isn’t the first Onewheel we’ve seen, and it probably won’t be the last, either.

Keep an eye out for our hands-on review!

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