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The Race is On: OnePlus Teases Secret Plan With McLaren F1

OnePlus has teamed up with automotive brand and F1 racing team McLaren, and the pair will announce a collaboration on December 11. We do not know the precise details of the collaboration, but OnePlus has partnered with brands, artists, and companies in the past to produce special limited edition versions of its smartphone. The OnePlus 6T is the company’s latest model, and it was revealed only in October. There has been one special edition version so far — the pretty thunder purple model — but this could be something far greater, and considerably more extensive than any OnePlus collaboration before.

McLaren is notoriously selective in its partnerships, and is unlikely to leap onboard unless the project is something it considers worthy. Neither are giving much away, but both OnePlus and McLaren have shared news of the partnership through their social channels, and McLaren has a press release published on its website. It’s a long-term partnership, according to McLaren, and what’s to be unveiled on December 11 is only the first stage.

We’re told to expect something that celebrates values close to each company — speed, craftsmanship, and innovation. At the very least, we should see a co-branded OnePlus 6T. However, Lamborghini’s partnership with Oppo — a firm closely related to OnePlus — has redefined what a device wearing both a car brand and a technology firm’s logo should be. The Lamborghini Edition of the Oppo Find X was the first to feature Oppo’s incredibly fast Super VOOC charging system, which takes a flat battery to 100 percent in less than 35 minutes. OnePlus and McLaren will have to work hard to improve on that.

The OnePlus website page dedicated to the partnership talks about the similarities between the two brands, and mentions special materials and technology, but there are no specific hints about what OnePlus and McLaren have in store. McLaren does mention that the partnership extends to both its automotive and racing brands. There is the potential for this to be a spectacular reveal, too, as the launch event will take place at McLaren’s amazing Technology Centre in Woking, United Kingdom.

We’re excited for this one, and will update you when we know more. In the meantime, if you want to know more about the OnePlus 6T we’ve got our comprehensive review here.

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