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The best PSVR games in 2022

The PSVR headset is an incredible piece of tech. Sure, it has its flaws, but Sony got a lot right when it comes to the unit’s consumer-friendly price and solid support from first- and third-party developers. It looks great and keeps you immersed for hours, even if isn’t the most powerful VR unit on the market. What’s exciting about the PSVR is that it will likely pave the way for the future of VR — offering an inexpensive yet impressive way to visit other worlds.

Sony has already detailed what to expect from the next PSVR headset, which is referred to as “the next generation of VR on PlayStation.” But that doesn’t mean we can’t still look back at the great lineup on the first PSVR unit.

There are so many fantastic games available on the platform, ranging from action and shooter to platformer, puzzle, and a slew of others. It can be daunting to try and figure out which ones are for you, so we’ve decided to round up a list of the best games available for the headset.

These are the best PSVR games.

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