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The best free movies on YouTube right now (September 2022)

When it comes to free movies, sometimes you get what you pay for. YouTube’s monthly selection of free movies and TV shows is just about the best deal you can find online without a credit card. However, it also comes with an abundance of very bad low-budget flicks that probably should have remained buried forever. Thankfully, September is proving to be an exceptional month for new movies on YouTube. There are a lot of great titles available this month, and we’ve chosen the standout selections in our updated list of the best free movies on YouTube right now.

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Reefer Madness (Tell Your Children) (1936)





Crime, Drama


Dorothy Short, Kenneth Craig, Lillian Miles

Directed by

Louis J. Gasnier

watch on YouTube

watch on YouTube

If you’ve never heard of Reefer Madness, you might be living under a rock. No matter your views on marijuana use, this absurd 1936 movie was made to “educate” young Americans on the dangers of drug abuse, but it’s actually a propaganda film produced by a church group and distributed by notorious exploitation producer Dwain Esper. In the film, pot abuse drives several young adults to violence, murder, and (of course) madness. In the end, Dr. Alfred Carroll (Josef Forte) breaks the fourth wall (uh, spoilers?) to warn viewers that their children might die after consuming marijuana. After a sort of reappearance in the 1970s, Reefer Madness took on a new life as a parody film for supporters of drug reform and cannabis legalization.

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