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The Best Deals on Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards for Black Friday 2018

As Nvidia’s unveiling of its RTX graphics cards showed, new graphics cards aren’t exactly cheap. But Black Friday can lead to some sizable discounts on even the most powerful of new GPUs. If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming experience, now may be the perfect time to treat yourself to a new graphics card to help push more pixels to your eyeballs.

To that end, we’ve scoured the websites of retailers and manufacturers to put together our list of the best graphics card deals for Black Friday 2018.

Nvidia RTX 2080/2070

The RTX-generation of graphics cards might not have been the performance powerhouse we hoped it would be, but these cards still supplant the 10-series as the most powerful consumer-grade graphics cards in the world. Pricing is still on the high side, but thanks to Black Friday, you can get a few cards at decent prices — if you get in there before they’re sold out that is.

Nvidia 1080/1070/1060

If the RTX-series is too rich for your blood (and wallet) never fear, there are some great last-generation deals to be had on cards that are still more than capable of handling 1080 and 1440p gaming with ease.

AMD Vega 64/56

AMD’s Vega graphics cards are more competitive with Nvidia’s 10-series than the RTX range of GPUs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful. At Black Friday prices too, they’re well worth considering.

AMD RX 580/570

Outside of the top-end, AMD’s mid-range is as healthy and competitive as ever. If you don’t fancy waiting for next year’s expected Navi release, the RX 570 and RX 580 are some of the best mid-range cards today.

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