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Tesla Owners Will Soon Be Able to Summon a Repair Van in a Few Taps


Tesla is the only car manufacturer that will fill you in about new features coming to your vehicle via a tweet. The company’s eccentric CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter on Monday, November 19 to inform his customers of another new ability coming to Tesla vehicles. The Tesla app will soon have a feature that will allow you to request a service van on demand.

According to Musk, the company will soon add new functionality to the Tesla mobile app that will help drivers address common issues with their cars. The company CEO claims Tesla owners will be able to request service in a matter of just one or two taps. Musk’s promise to expand the app functionality came after a Tesla owner highlighted the company’s mobile service after experiencing a flat tire.

In a subsequent tweet, Musk said the company will also allow drivers to have their car picked up and dropped off using Tesla Rangers service vans when needed. As long as your car doesn’t need to be lifted to a service center, Tesla will soon allow you to have a Ranger come to get your car and bring it back to you when it’s good to go. The Tesla Rangers are mobile repair trucks that can help fix simple issues that occur regularly but that don’t require the car to be taken to a garage for full service. Tesla claims about 80 percent of repairs can be done this way.

While these services are nice, and the promise of making it easier to get a Tesla Ranger to your car is one that Tesla owners will surely welcome, the system still does have its limitations. In another tweet, Musk noted that service is generally limited to areas near major metropolitan centers.

Musk also made it sound like the company is toying with adding other possibilities to the Tesla app so people are aware of what is happening with their vehicle. He noted to one user that the firm could start sending push notifications with updates on repairs so people know when their car will be ready. Little things like that could make the car repair process much less painful and much more transparent.

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