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Sign Up for Verizon Fios Triple Play and Get an Amazon Echo and Prime For a Year

Verizon is betting that your love of Amazon Prime will make its new offer on Triple Play and Fios Gigabit Connection just a little bit sweeter. Ahead of the busy holiday shopping season, Verizon announced plans to offer its TV and Phone service with Amazon Prime tossed in for a year.

If you head on over to the company’s website today, you’ll have the option of signing up for the company’s Triple Play package, which includes all three Fios services — Fios Gigabit Connection, TV, and phone service — for $79.99 per month with Auto Pay and a two-year agreement plus taxes, equipment charges and other fees. And to sweeten the deal, Verizon will throw in one year of Amazon Prime and a second-generation Amazon Echo. All in, that represents a savings of $219 — $99 for the Amazon Echo and $119 for Amazon Prime.

The company’s Fios Internet is a 100-percent fiber-optic network that lets you choose the speed you want for your home. The more people that connect to the service in your home or the more you do with your connection, the faster the speed you’ll want.

If you’re only streaming Netflix movies, for instance, you might not need as much bandwidth as you would if you were using Fios to download and upload large files. Fios Custom TV allows you to create your own TV plan based on types of content you watch. Verizon has a turnkey “Traditional TV” suite that includes 280 or more channels, but if you want a select quantity of channels in entertainment, sports, kids’ content, or any other genres, you have that option as well.

Verizon’s Digital Voice service is a home phone service that runs over the company’s Fios fiber-optic network. According to Verizon, calling over fiber optics allows for a higher quality audio experience and should pave the way for better-sounding calls than what you’d get over alternative technologies.

If you’d prefer not to get all three services and really just want fast internet, Verizon has you covered there, too.

The company’s other holiday offer, Fios Gigabit Connection standalone, will similarly cost you $79.99 per month with Auto Pay plus taxes, equipment charges and other fees. And like the Triple Play option, Verizon will throw in one year of Amazon Prime to make its offer even more appealing.

The Gigabit Standalone offer also comes with a three-year price guarantee. And over that period, you’ll also get a free router rental for three years. There’s no annual contract in this option.

Getting access to Amazon Prime through these Verizon offers affords you a variety of benefits, including access to free two-day shipping and reduced prices on overnight shipping. And if you’re someone who craves streaming-video service, Amazon Prime Video offers a host of outstanding shows, like The Man in the High Castle and others.

The second-generation Amazon Echo is one of the more popular smart home devices. The device is powered by Amazon’s virtual personal assistant Alexa and comes with the ability to stream music, podcasts, and more. And whenever you belt out voice commands, you can use the service to control a variety of products in the smart home, including smart thermostats, lights, and smart locks.

Verizon’s Triple Play and Fios Gigabit Connection Standalone offers are available now on the company’s website. It’s available to qualified new customers and your Amazon Prime will be applied as a bill credit. The Echo can be redeemed on a special Verizon page on Amazon’s website.

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