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‘PUBG Mobile’ Might get a ‘Resident Evil 2’ Inspired Zombies Mode

PUBG Corp and Capcom have teamed up to deliver an unexpected crossover event featuring PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2. The crossover event was announced on the Japanese Resident Evil Twitter account. You can watch the brief teaser trailer above.

The trailer only seems to show footage from Resident Evil 2, so it’s hard to say what we’ll see in the event. If we had to guess, though, this sure seems like a perfect opportunity to implement zombies into the PUBG formula.

The presence of zombies in battle royale has become common as of late. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s popular Blackout mode got the ball rolling and Fortnite’s Halloween event soon followed with its own undead lurking on the battlefield. Could PUBG be next? It sure seems like it.

It may come as a surprise that the event appears to be exclusive to PUBG Mobile since Resident Evil 2 is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. But this isn’t the first time PUBG Mobile has received an exclusive crossover. In August, PUBG Corp hosted an event called Mission: Impossible — Fallout, inspired by the Tom Cruise action movie series.

Considering that PUBG Mobile was recently named the most popular game on Google Play in 2018, these sorts of events are probably quite alluring for potential partnerships.

It’s unclear when the event will begin, but it doesn’t sound like we’ll have to wait long to find out. “Something is coming very soon,” PUBG Corp said on Twitter.

While a zombies mode would seem to make the most sense, given the limited footage, it’s possible that the crossover will simply feature skins from the Resident Evil franchise.

The crossover event will also serve to hype up Resident Evil 2, the upcoming remake of the PlayStation classic, which is set to launch January 25, 2019. The ground floor remake, unveiled at E3 earlier this year, has already garnered a lot of fanfare. A crossover event with a game that has millions of users will only increase interest in the early 2019 release.

In other PUBG news, the PlayStation 4 version of PUBG, featuring all of the current console/PC content, arrives on December 7.

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