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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars Sees Spidey Take On Hammerhead

Part two of Marvel Spider-Man‘s three-part The City That Never Sleeps story DLC arrives on November 20, Insomniac Games announced on the PlayStation Blog. Titled Turf Wars, the DLC is focused on Hammerhead, the Spidey villain and crime boss.

Hammerhead was mentioned all throughout the game’s first DLC, The Heist, but Turf Wars will put Spider-Man in the middle of the struggle between the villain and the other New York City crime bosses. He will be assisted by Yuri Watanabe in trying to restore the peace, but it won’t be easy since Hammerhead has gotten ahold of Sable International technology and weapons.

Along with a new story arc, Turf Wars will include a bunch of new side content, including new bases to dismantle, crimes to solve, challenge missions, and a new set of trophies to unlock. Essentially, like The Heist, Turf Wars will be a mini version of the main adventure in terms of content.

Three new Spider-Man suits can be unlocked in Turf Wars. While you can already wear the Iron Spider suit as seen in Avengers: Infinity War, the original Iron Spider armor based on the comics design will be added to the game. Also, you may have noticed that Spider-Man can currently wear Spider-Armor MK II, III, and IV. MK I has been curiously absent. That’ll change with Turf Wars. The last new suit, the Spider-Clan suit, hails from Marvel’s Mangaverse, becoming the latest costume with an animated look to it.

We enjoyed our time with Marvel’s Spider-Man when we reviewed it at launch and were impressed by The Heist last month. You can either buy Turf Wars for $10 or purchase The City That Never Sleeps season pass, which includes all three pieces of story DLC, for $25. Considering that The Heist ended on a tantalizing cliffhanger, it probably doesn’t make too much sense to play Turf Wars without playing The Heist first.

Turf Wars goes live on PS4 on November 20, with Silver Lining, the conclusion to the saga, expected to arrive next month. If you haven’t played Marvel’s Spider-Man yet, you may want to check out the $80 digital deluxe edition, as it saves you five bucks versus buying the game and season pass separately.

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