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Join 738,000 Amazon Shoppers Who Love the Echo Dot, and Save $10

While Amazon may have started as an online marketplace, it’s become a massive juggernaut in the tech and entertainment fields as well. Whether it’s Prime Video, Twitch, Audible, or Wholefoods, Amazon has integrated itself into our lives. Of course, the way that it centralizes all of its services and features and makes it easier for you to access them is through Amazon Alexa and, equally importantly, through devices such as the Echo Dot. This tiny little speaker is packed with a ton of tech, and a whopping 738,000 people have given it five-star reviews, which is impressive when you consider most friend groups have a hard time agreeing on which restaurant they want to go to, let alone nearly a million people. If you’ve been eyeing one recently, the 3rd-gen Echo Dot has a discount on Amazon, bringing it down to $30 from $40.

While the Echo Dot is primarily known as a vehicle for Amazon Alexa, it’s still a pretty powerful speaker in its own right. Two can even be paired together to create stereo sound, which is a pretty cool feature. Given how good it is with audio, you won’t be surprised to hear that you can stream your music directly on this device; from Apple Music to Spotify, quite a few streaming services are available, and you can voice control them through the Echo. And speaking of said voice-control, you can also control your smart home through the Echo Dot, which is great if you’ve gone whole-hog on smart home devices and need a central place to control them from (that isn’t your phone).

You can also make hands-free phone calls on the Echo Dot by connecting your phone, but the real mastering of the device lies in Alexa’s skills, which are essentially premade commands that Alexa can understand, even ones that may not be immediately obvious. Oh, and if you have a family, the intercom system that can be used when putting several devices together is great, especially when you need to call everybody down to dinner!

The Echo Dot is a great overall device and an excellent buy, even if you don’t necessarily use Amazon Alexa. If you do fancy getting one, this discount from Amazon, bringing it down to $30, makes now the perfect time to dip your toes into smart speakers.

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