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Get the Last-Gen Samsung Qi Wireless Charger for $19 Before it’s Gone

It’s no big shock that Samsung, being the premier maker of Android phones in a large and crowded market, was among the first brands to adopt and successfully implement wireless smartphone charging. The Qi near-field induction charging technology won the nearly decade-long battle to become the industry standard for wireless charging (as far as it pertains to smartphones), and Samsung’s excellent Qi wireless charging pad – now on sale from Amazon and Walmart for a super-cheap $19 – remains one of the best.

Samsung gave its Qi wireless charging pads a second-generation refresh recently, improving charging wattage somewhat. These new pads ring in at around $60, though, which might be more than many are willing to pay for the simple convenience of wireless charging. Yet the first-gen charger is still a fine option (especially at this price), offering a cheap way for you to top up your Qi-compatible devices without having to mess around with USB or Lightning cables.

The Samsung Qi wireless charger pad utilizes a process called near-field induction. It works by transferring an electric current between coils inside the charger and your device’s battery via a magnetic field. This technology has already been in common use for a while for things like electric toothbrushes (they’re even working on it for electric cars), but it took a little longer for it to be adapted to more complex small devices like smartphones and smartwatches.

You can also use the Samsung Qi wireless charger to juice up recent iPhones: Apple has lagged behind Android makers when it comes to wireless charging, but the Cupertino, California-based company eventually got with the times and adopted it for its newer devices. The latest iPhone 8, X, XS, and XR models (and their plus-sized variants) are all now Qi-compatible, meaning that this charger works just fine for those who prefer iOS.

The Samsung Qi wireless chargers typically run for around $50, with the newest model retailing for $60. Brand-new first-gen charger models are still in stock, though, and are now marked down to just $19 from Amazon and Walmart for the all-black model, saving you $31 off of its normal price while supplies last. The navy/black and white charge pads are also available from Amazon for a bit more ($22 and $25, respectively) if you prefer those.

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