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Firefox 64 Introduces Better Tab Management, Intelligent Suggestions

Mozilla officially released Firefox 64, featuring some security fixes, as well as new features including tab management, intelligent suggestions, and easier performance management to take control of your browsing experience. The company has also pulled a few elements from its browser, diverting users to download add-ons to reinstitute functionality, such as RSS feed previews and live bookmarks. The company has also moved a step forward in making the browser more secure by removing trust from TLS certificates issued by Symantec.

The folks at Firefox want to improve your browser experience by making recommendations to explore additional features, services, and extensions based on how you browse the web. For example, if Firefox notices you are utilizing a website for a specific task that might be accomplished by an extension, it may make a recommendation. The feature is currently being rolled out to U.S. users only and it will take a bit of time to tell if the recommendations are handy or just another tool throwing suggestions in your face.

Enhanced tab management has also made its way to Firefox 64 with the ability to now select multiple tabs at once from the tab bar and interact with them. Users can now quickly select multiple tabs and then opt to close, move, bookmark, or pin them with a few clicks. If you consistently find yourself drowning in tabs, this bit of tab management should be able to help sort you out.

Other additional features include a new task manager for Firefox that can be found at about:performance (simply type the phrase in as though it is a URL) when utilizing the browser. The new manager allows users to see how much energy current tabs are consuming, allowing energy conscious individuals to shut down items to conserve power — we hope to find this useful for mobile laptop users.

Windows users can also take joy in a new sharing feature that allows users to share web pages using Windows’s native sharing tool, which can be accessed in the Pages Actions menu. Firefox users can also take joy in being able to remove add-ons from their toolbar with the context menu. Additionally, if you’re security conscious, so is Firefox 64 as the company has decided to cease trusting TLS certificates issued by Symantec.

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