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Boslla Headlights Have 4 Color Settings For All Conditions

When most of us are on the road we’re getting to and from work, school, or running errands, and those routes are usually happening during the day or early evening. That explains why “rush hour” is never at midnight. But even though there’s 60 percent less traffic on the road at night, up to 40 percent of traffic fatalities take place in the dark. Of course, there are lots of compounding factors that could cause an accident, but poor visibility is one of them.

We rely heavily on the functionality of our vehicle’s headlights, but how often does it cross your mind? How well would your headlights work in a sandstorm or extreme cold and snowy temperatures? If you ever drive at night, especially in areas not so well lit — such as near forests —  you may want to re-evaluate your headlights.

That’s where the Boslla Bullet — featured in a new Kickstarter campaign — can help.

Boslla headlights are an easy-to-install solution to achieve all-weather lighting for your vehicle. After a quick ten-minute install, these lights have up to four settings to get you through anything.

The bright LED lights have four display options:

Light options can be changed by the flick of a switch inside your vehicle, just as you would turn on your brights or high beams. Boslla Bullet was also created to fit any vehicle model, so don’t worry about your Tesla or old Ford Escort. Boslla has you covered.

The standard beam and high brightness make sure your path is lit no matter where you go. Boslla Bullet lights have a 50,000-hour lifespan and come with a super affordable price tag: only $49, and include a one-year warranty for a set with Early Bird pledges.

Boslla lights have been tested in really extreme conditions to make sure they never quit on you. They function perfectly anywhere from -94 degrees to 194 Fahrenheit.

Don’t be a statistic. Stay safe on the road and make sure you’re set for anything with Boslla Bullet.

The good news is they’re available to back now on KickStarter, although as always, we recommend caution when participating in a crowdfunding project. Click here to make sure you get your headlights before they’re gone!

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