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Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds are Both Getting Price Cuts

In the world of wireless earbuds, there are two brands that everyone keeps an eye on — Samsung and Apple. The AirPods have been one of the most popular pair of buds on the market since they first came out, but with a fairly lackluster refresh on the newest model, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are definitely worth a look as well. Considering that wireless earbuds are still a fairly new type of technology, these deals on the Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy buds are a rare occurrence. So If you’ve been thinking about cutting the cord and going wireless, now is an excellent time to do so.

While the previous generation Apple AirPods are only getting a slight discount, the new Samsung Galaxy Buds are actually being discounted to under $100 after only being on the market for a short time. We’ve given both devices fairly sparkling reviews, so choosing between them is really about whether you prefer iOS or Android tech in your life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds — $97

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For a while there, the AirPods were really the only good pair of earbuds you could get for an affordable price. Samsung changed that with the release of the new Galaxy Buds. We actually liked them enough to give them a nearly perfect 9 out of 10 in our hands-on review. With six hours of battery life, a wireless charging case, and a comfortable fit, we think that these little headphones are the best wireless earbuds you can buy right now. The case itself can also be charged with a standard wireless charging pad, offering everything the newest AirPods do and more.

These new headphones normally retail for an already affordable $130, but for a limited time, you can actually pick them up for the low price of $97 at AT&T.

Apple AirPods (Previous generation) — $150

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Apple recently released its newest AirPods, but considering they only really added wireless charging capabilities, the older generation is almost as good. We actually gave the first generation AirPods a solid 8 out of 10 in our review. With solid wireless reliability, 5 hours of battery life, and a wireless charging case, these headphones are still among the best truly wireless earbuds you can buy. They may not be sweatproof or nearly as affordable as the Galaxy Buds, but they work great for any iOS user who wants to stick with the Apple brand.

Normally priced at $159, the Apple AirPods are currently on sale for $150 on Amazon. A $9 discount may not seem like much, but considering we rarely ever see them for less than full price, it’s definitely a good time to pick up a pair.

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