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All Udemy Online Courses Are Just $10 Right Now, and Some Are Free

Whether you want to design your own website, build a fashion portfolio, improve at Excel or simply learn about personal finance, Udemy has thousands of online courses to offer. Udemy’s courses will help you reach your goals through its offer of lifetime access to guided videos, articles, and resources. If you find yourself with extra time during the holidays, why not devote some of it to learning a new skill? Online courses for just $10 each is a major steal, but you have to hurry because this Cyber Monday sale ends today.

Some skills you just don’t learn in college. Personal development goals such as learning how to start a side hustle, personal branding, and productivity. are super achievable through online lessons. Besides, who has the money to take a college-level course anymore? If you miss scholarly lectures from college but don’t miss the high tuition attached browse Udemy for the tools to educate yourself.

Along with learning a new skill, you can also hone in on a skill you already know, Udemy provides you with tools to improve your talent in web developing or marketing. Nowadays, you can never know enough about Photoshop or website building. And if there are some artistic skills that you wish you could spend more time doing, don’t stay in a creative rut; learn how to mix music or get into drawing.

This is a huge opportunity to take advantage of a deal that you won’t regret. If you think about how expensive college courses are, even the online ones, paying $10 for something you actually want to learn is one of the best deals you’ll see all day. If you’re strapped for cash, however, and don’t want to fork over the dough to better educate yourself, Udemy also offers a wide variety of free online courses to choose from as well.

Best free online courses

We’ve gathered a few of the best free online courses Udemy has to offer, but there are hundreds to choose from. Whatever you’re trying to learn something new this holiday season, or just make good on last year’s New Year’s resolutions, these free online classes can help you out. And if you don’t see something you like, you can gain access to some of the more premium courses and lectures for just $10.

Start Learning Today

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